January 31, 2007

Man and Woman Stoned to Death on 'Suspicion' of Adultery

Via the lovely and talented Pamela:

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan A Pakistani man and a woman were tied to a tree and stoned to death after they were suspected of committing adultery.

The couple, from the village of Donga Bonga in Bahawalnagar district in southern Punjab, apparently pleaded their innocence but died in an "honor killing" over the weekend in a hail of bricks.

Bricks. Nice. Of all the ways to die...

If the above story makes you think of words like "primitive" or "barbaric," you should, of course, be ashamed of yourself for your bigoted, racist, ethnocentric, xenophobic prejudices. Report to reeducation camp at once! Remember, kids: all cultures are equal...all (non-Western) cultural beliefs must be respected...all cultures are equal...all people yearn for peace and freedom...all cultures are equal...

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