January 30, 2007

Swedish Jihadis Killed in Somalia

Start connecting the dots between liberal immigration laws and jihad activity. While my guess is that most of these "Swedish citizens" were refugees from Arab countries, it's also possible that some of them were "home grown". Probably not hard to tell the difference between the two.

As a bonus, I've added a video of the brave Somali mujahideen guarding the spoils of victory: a pile of trash and old tire in a Mogadishu back alley.

The Local:

A number of Swedish citizens are reported to have been killed in fighting in Somalia. The Swedes in question had joined Islamist militias in their battle with the country's interim government, a spokesman for the government, Abdirahman Dinari, told Sveriges Radio....

Figures presented by the Swedish embassy in neighbouring Kenya suggest that there are at least 125 Swedes in Somalia but such data may be unreliable, according to the foreign ministry

"We have no official figures. It is entirely impossible to make this kind of judgment," said Ersman.

Hat tip: C/T blog.

Behold, the spoils of victory!

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