January 30, 2007

Yahoo! Still Hosting German al Qaeda Website

UPDATE: Yahoo! Geocities has taken the German al Qaeda website down. Thank you Yahoo! Geocities, and all those who wrote in to complain.

24 hours later, and despite numerous complaints, Yahoo! Geocities is still hosting a German language al Qaeda support website. The "al-Jawab" website is being promoted on Islamic forums as the German language version of the Global Islamic Media Front [GIMF].


In addition to offering German translations of various jihadi videos--especially those of the al Qaeda as-Sahab brand-- and books ---including Osama bin Laden's "The Right Way to Victory" [Der Richtige Weg Zum Sieg]-- al-Jawab also reminds readers to "not forget us in your prayers" [Vergesst uns nicht in euren Du'a!].

The website is here.

Actually, the website that GIMF is promoting is here, but it's a simple redirect from their free Geocities website. Here's some free advice to the dee-dee-dee jihadis of GIMF: if you're going to try to hide your host, better not go with that banner ad supported option. Retards.

Now, I may be going out on a limb here, but I'm guessing that supporting al Qaeda is a violation of Yahoo's TOS. And, given the fact that Yahoo is running advertisements on that al Qaeda page, possibly a violation of several anti-terror laws in both the U.S. and Germany.

You can report this abuse to Yahoo here.

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