January 29, 2007

The "Beheading" Defense

Dutch Muslim who videotaped himself in Iraq planting roadside bombs claims he only did it because he was threatened with beheading. Right. If I had a million dollars for every time Johnnie Cochran's now famous "beheading defense" was used......


An Iraqi-born Dutch citizen pleaded not guilty Monday in what the Justice Department called the first U.S. terror charges against insurgents targeting Americans in Iraq.

Wesam al-Delaema, 33, has been wanted by the United States since 2003, when he and his fellow "Mujahideen from Fallujah" videotaped themselves planting explosives along an Iraq road used by U.S. troops. The explosives did not result in any deaths....

In extradition hearings in the Netherlands, al-Delaema argued that he was forced to make the video after being kidnapped and beaten. He said he feared being beheaded if he resisted.

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