January 29, 2007

NRI Summit : Mitt Romney (Video) (UPDATED, BUMPED)

UPDATE : here's the full video:

MyManMitt has parsed the video by topic here.

Ace reviews the speech here. There seems to be a general consensus that Romney's speech was 'underwhelming.' I have to agree with that general sentiment.

UPDATE: Rich Lowry weighs in here. Clarifying my earlier points, Romney came across as likeable, but he also had a little too much "game show host" vibe going on. He may be completely sincere in what he's saying, but he comes across with a little too much of a "sales pitch" feel, IMHO. He said a lot of the right things, but there's a style issue. The candidates should think of the conservatives as a spurned woman. You need to say the right things, but you damn well better come across as sincere. This speech was the first time a lot of conservatives had a close look at Romney. I think he went into it overhyped, which almost guaranteed that it would be at least a little bit of a let-down. The chance that he could exceed expectations was pretty low. Romney's not well-served by comparisons to Reagan. As smart as Romney may be, he's not Reagan--but neither is any other candidate in the race.

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