January 23, 2007

Al Qaeda Threat Against Aussie Paper

Jihadis from al Qaeda? Against Saddam Hussein's death sentence? I thought al Qaeda hated Saddam? It's an odd convergence of Arab nationalist fascists (as represented by the old Baath party) and Islamofascists.

And for you 'tards who think it's Muslims we are fighting: notice that the target is a Muslim.

In related news, Australia has decided to do away with multiculturalism. I. Kid. You. Not. Me? I'm thinking of emmigrating. Have you seen those Australian chicks?


Death threats will not deter a Sydney Arabic newspaper editor from continuing to work and publish in western Sydney.

A man claiming to represent al-Qaeda in Australia threatened to blow up the Sydney and Melbourne offices of al-Furat, an Arabic Australian newspaper, and kill its editor-in-chief, Hussein Khoshnow....

Mr Khoshnow said the newspaper had published articles in support of Saddam Hussein's death sentence.

"He (the caller) is supporting Saddam Hussein and his brother and speaking on behalf of al-Qaeda in Australia," Mr Khoshnow said.

"It's a bit mixed and really confusing, but that's what he's saying."

Mr Khoshnow, who came to Australia from Iraq in 1995, said the young male caller's accent was either from Yemen or Syria.

"He's probably Australian-born with a Yemeni or Syrian background."

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