January 22, 2007

Voice of the Caliphate (GIMF): Jihad TV online.....from Germany

caliphate_voice_channel.jpgWhat's old is new. Today's Islamofascists choose Germany to broadcast their message of ethnically cleansing the Kuffar, blowing stuff up for "Shiekh Osama bin Laden", and murdering children for the Ummah's sake.

If you want to watch The Global Islamic Media Front's new "Voice of the Caliphate" (aka, Caliphate Voice Channel) streaming internet broadcast, just click here.

The IP traces to Germany.

So, what will the new "Voice of the Caliphate" internet channel offer? As of this writing, there is an English subtitled program about the jihad in Chechnya & Dagestan. Your typical jihadi propaganda. Footage of masked fighters yelling "Allahu Akhbar" while firing on some distant and unidentifiable Russian position.

But they even have a program schedule attached to the announcement. All times, GMT--even the mujahideen are on Greenwich time! The broadcasts seem to be mostly the typical stuff found on jihadi message boards. Mostly "operations" of "mujahideen" against the "infidels" (you and me would call this "terrorism"), "documentaries" meant to incite jihad by portraying all military action in Muslim lands as "genocide" or part of a larger "war against Islam" and inspiring lectures from such notables as Osama bin Laden. Yes, that Osama bin Laden.

There is also a note to "spread the word" about the broadcast. Hey, we aim to please!

The Germans are not exactly known for their deep commitment to free speech, and I'm sure this broadcast breaks several German laws. Especially since GIMF is a fairly thinly veiled al Qaeda support front, I cannot fathom the Germans tolerating this. If any one knows how to contact the German authorities, let me know.

UPDATE: Site connection seems to be sketchy. I'm already getting reports of bad connections and error messages. Which is a good sign.... I think. Just keep sucking up that jihadi bandwidth........Remember, bandwidth IS a zero sum game. The more you watch, the less some potential terrorist gets to.

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