January 18, 2007

Search For Ken Bigley's Remains

bigley1.jpgNews today that Turkish police are holding a terrorists who claims to know the location of murdered hostage Ken Bigley's body. The Turks are holding him in connection with serveral bombings there.

Via Mark Heath at EADT24: The brother of murdered hostage Ken Bigley has spoken of the family's hope that his remains may finally be found after a prisoner in Turkey was questioned in connection with the horrific killing.

Phil Bigley, who lives in Ipswich, spoke to the EADT as it emerged that Syrian national Loa'i al-Saqa has been questioned about his brother's execution in Iraq in October 2004....

...Turkey's Anatolia news agency has reported that Mr al-Saqa was interviewed for an hour-and-a-half in the city of Kocaeli.

It comes after his lawyer had claimed last April that his client had information on the execution and knew where Ken Bigley's body was buried.

Yesterday, Phil Bigley said: “We are grateful to the Foreign Office that they continue to support us, and the Metropolitan Police.

“Anything that will bring about the location of my brother's remains would be our goal.

We certainly hope Kens' body is found and returned to his family for proper burial. Maybe we'll get lucky and this man will have more useful information on other hostages too.

After we learn what we can, I hope the Turks give him his due. A nice stay in Turkish pound-terrorists-in-the-ass-prison followed shortly thereafter by a firing squad. Sounds fair to me anyway, considering what these people did to Mr. Bigley.

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