January 17, 2007

Another Saddam Hussein Dead Video (Ambulance)


***Jawa Report Exclusive***

More proof that Saddam Hussein, like Franco, is still dead. This video is of the (still) dead Saddam Hussein in an ambulance as it was being transported for burial. The grainy video shows people gawking at the dead dictator's body and discussing it. The video ends with Hussein's face being covered by the body bag, the doors closing, and the ambulance driving away. His soul, I am told, had already been sent to hell.

The video first appeared on a Sunni website which claims it was taken in Karbala as the body was being transferred to its final resting spot. The film is said by the website to be more evidence that the Shia led Iraqi government "did not take into account the preservation of the dignity of the Iraqi president or guard his body after his execution". The films, more of which may be forthcoming, "all indicate blundering government militias and their inability to curb their hatred, venom and bad deeds."

Q: This is now the third Saddam Hussein death video....is there a single Shia in Iraq who didn't take pictures?*

WARNING: Graphic content. The video shows the dead body of Saddam Hussein. Images grabbed from the video also posted.

Some fram grabs from the video.




*Second Saddam Hussein death video.

Hat tip: Rubin

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