January 16, 2007

Malaysia's Islamic Regions Tops in Porn Surfing


KUALA LUMPUR (AFP) - Internet surfers from Malaysia’s fundamentalist Islamic state in Kelantan has topped the list of surfers who visited pornographic websites in the country, a newspaper has reported.

The Star daily’s Sunday paper cited research from Google Trends as saying that Internet surfers in the city of Kota Baru in northeastern Kelantan and the town of Kuantan in neighbouring Pahang had the highest number of porn surfers.

It said the most popular searched words are Malay-language words –”bogel” (nudity), “gambar bogel” (nude pictures), “seks Melayu” (sex involving Malays) and “cerita seks” (sex stories). ...

The fundamentalist Islamic party, PAS, that governs Kelantan imposes strict conservative Islamic rules in the sate, which often segregates men and women in society.

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