January 15, 2007

Kucinich: More Regulation, Gov't Control of Media

He wants to ram the failed "Fairness Doctrine" down your throat. This is desperately needed because not all media outlets are transforming into DNC-approved propaganda outlets, per the left's agenda. That is unacceptable to the Democrats in Congress.

Here we have a socialist liberal threatening to "straighten out the media" using government mandate. Don't let leftists lecture you about media anything - they're the ones trying to eliminate viewpoints they find disagreeable by passing laws to do so.

Liberals in power attempting to regulate who can say what, where, when, how and to whom. What this really is, as anyone paying attention knows, is an attack on talk radio. This is because liberals are unable to compete adequately in the radio format (discounting NPR, CBS radio, Air America, Democracy Now radio, etc.) when it comes to listeners, advertising dollars earned and profit turned.

Keep an eye on this Stalinist little weasel as he flails and tries desperately to ram this through the Senate and President Bush. Ain't gonna happen, but just so we know which political party tries to limit and direct speech to what they want to hear, when they want to hear it, and what can be said for what price...

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