January 11, 2007

Jamilgate: AP May Have Used Fake Name

Bob Owens looks ready to take the AP to the mat over this one. Its a potential bombshell, and if he's right, the AP has lots of 'splainin' to do - especially about violating their own policies:

And so a major Associated Press claim in "Jamilgate" takes an apparently fatal hit.

According to Bill Costlow of CPATT (Civilian Police Assistance Training Team) in Baghdad, and as forwarded by Lt. Michael Dean of Multinational Corps-Iraq/Joint Operations Command Public Affairs, our now infamous police captain in Iraq appears to be definitively not Jamil Hussein.

Nor is his name Jamil Gholaiem Hussein as stated repeatedly by the Associated Press Executive Editor Kathleen Carroll and other Associated Press employees.

Nor is his name Jamil Ghdaab Gulaim, as he has been called previously in other accounts. According to his personnel records at MOI, confirmed with BG Abdul-Kareem and then reportedly verified by BG Abdul-Karim Khalaf with AP's Baghdad sources, his name is actually Jamil Gulaim "XX".

The "XX" protects his second middle name and real last names, of which "Hussein" is not a part.

Read it all. Flopping Aces got this part of the saga rolling. So what's the long and skinny?

This is kind of like the AP's very own Jeff Gannongate, no?

I mean, using leftist Gannongate logic, once Jamil's actual identity is confirmed and uncovered, not a word of what he reported to the AP (and the AP by proxy) is credible.

Ace thinks its a bigger deal than AllahP wants to concede, and that it vindicates some of the original assertions of bloggers on the story - namely, that the AP was being less-than-honest on its forthcomings regarding their source and even less so (still) on their reports, and perhaps most obvious of all, that there in fact was no individual named "Captain Jamil Hussein" in the way that the AP reported for months and months. Cautionary takes at both Hot Air and Patterico.

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