January 11, 2007

Iraq, I Hardly Knew Thee: News from the Front

An image from Iraq taken yesterday that you're not likely to see on tongiht's Hardball.


Michelle Malkin has more photos up from her embed in a patrol in Baghdad's slums. Bryan adds:

Our troops are motivated and dedicated like no other group of people I have ever seen. More than any politician, journalist or blogger, our troops understand the history and cultural forces swirling in Iraq that make it such an incredibly challenging environment. They are bringing that knowledge to the struggle every day, and while their efforts may not always result in perfect outcomes, no one should doubt their devotion to winning the war here in all of its dimensions.
In an interview with Bill Ardalino, embedded in Fallujah, a local makes this very important point about how to win in al Anbar:
"The tribes will follow, they will be on the side of the powerful person, the powerful group. If we have that power, they're going to be on our side.
Sounds very much like Osama bin Laden's 'strong horse' argument. That is, Muslims will support whoever they belive is winning the fight. Perhaps he is right.

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