January 11, 2007

The crAP

I was enjoying the article until this came along:

The militia has more fighters, weapons and sophistication today than it did in 2004, when it battled U.S. forces to a standstill in two strongholds, the Shiite holy city of Najaf and Sadr City, Baghdad's sprawling Shiite slum.

Uh...they hid in mosques, which we refused to attack. Hardly "battling to a standstill."

It's semantics, I know. But it's implied that we couldn't have kicked their asses if we wanted to, when the exact opposite it is true.

It got worse after that, and I won't quote anymore. But I am making crAP the official designation for the Associated Press at the Jawa Report, taking its place in history next to MargaReuterVille and Cheese Eating Surrender Monkey Press.

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