January 10, 2007

Sudan / Darfur : A Cease-Fire?

Story here:

Sudan's government and Darfur rebels have agreed to a 60-day ceasefire and a peace summit sponsored by the African Union and the United Nations as steps towards stopping the violence in west Sudan, a visiting US official said on Wednesday.

Sudan has also agreed to let foreign journalists visit Darfur after a two-month ban and to remove a requirement for exit visas for aid workers, one of the biggest bureaucratic obstacles to the world's largest aid operation in Darfur.

"President (Omar Hassan al-)Bashir agreed to the start of a peace process that includes a 60-day cessation of hostilities," said US New Mexico governor Bill Richardson, visiting Sudan. The AU-UN peace summit is to be held no later than March 15.

Hmm... sounds like somebody may have heard that the U.S. had some AC-130 gunships in the neighborhood. Stay tuned.

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