January 10, 2007

Chinese Attack Terrorist Camp

(Northwest China) The Chinese government confirmed that a secret Islamic terrorist training camp within its borders has been attacked by Xinjiang Province Police. Eighteen terrorists were killed and 17 were captured in fierce fighting. The camp was operated by the East Turkestan Islamic Movement (ETIM), linked to al Qaeda and listed by the U.S. as an Islamic terrorist group.

From The Australian via John Ray:

It was the first time that China had announced the discovery of such a camp in its territory. Officials said that they had uncovered links between the activists and international terrorist groups, hinting at connections to al-Qa'ida.

The clash in the Pamir mountains on Friday was one of the deadliest for years in the restive Xinjiang Uighur autonomous region, where 8.5 million Muslims make up most of the population. One policeman was killed and a second wounded.

I'd suggest that the Chinese have many more problems with Muslim terrorists than have been reported.

UPDATE by Rusty: We've been warning about this for some time. I have seen several videos of Chinese Muslims fighting in both Afghanistan (for the Taliban) and in Xinxiang province. Here is the website of the East Turkistan Information Center, the propaganda arm of the ETLO (East Turkistan Liberation Organization). The goal of the ETLO is the ousting of the Han Chinese dominated communist government in Beijing, and the restoration of the short-lived independent Islamic Republic of East Turkistan--an Islamist state that predates Iran by over forty years.

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