January 10, 2007

Egyptian Torture Victim Convicted of Resisting Arrest

I've seen the torture video of Imad Kabir being sodomized by Egyptian police. It's not fun to watch. The video is all over salaafi-terror supporter and leftist websites as 'proof' that the war on terror is 'bad'. And, if all I knew about our 'allies' in Egypt was that they were a bunch of thugs, then I might be tempted to sympathize with their cause.

And if the cause started with ending torture and ended with secular liberal democratization, then I'd be 100% on board.

That is, if I didn't know that the regime which the Muslim Brotherhood (the largest 'democratic' movement in Egypt) proposes to install would be twice as repressive and would institutionalize this type of torture. And would be officially anti-American, as opposed to the present unofficial version of it.

So, in sum:

Egypt today: dictatorial, moderately secular, lukewarm pro-American, moderately oppressive regime, which is officially ashamed of its torture.

Egypt tomorrow under the Muslim Brotherhood: Islamic democracy ('democracy' in the same sense that Iran is 'democratic'), religious state, violently anti-American, oppressive regime, boasting of its torture under the guise of sharia law.

Gentlemen, the Middle East is one effed up place.

More from Gateway Pundit. It's a sad tale. You might even call it gobsmackingly vile, and be correct for once.

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