January 08, 2007

New Saddam Execution Video

UPDATE 1/17/2007: A third video has emerged. First Saddam Hussein hanging video here. Second video, showing Saddam Hussein's corpse below (scroll down). The third video, showing Saddam Hussein's body in an ambulance is here.

A video showing Saddam Hussein shortly after he was executed has emerged on the internet. The video and images from it are shown below. The first uncut, uncensored, unedited video showing Saddam Hussein executed caused quite a stir. Another video of Saddam's funeral has also been making the rounds.

This video does not show the execution. Rather, it shows Saddam's body, proportedly right after he was hanged. The short video simply shows Saddam's corpse under a sheet, and the effects that hanging had on his neck.

The video seems to have first emerged at a Shia website in Arabic, after which it was uploaded to Google.

WARNING: Graphic video and images below.




Hat tip: Baf Baf

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