January 08, 2007

"Anti-War" Soldier on Terror Video Actually Pro-War

The latest in the continuing saga of the Lee Tucker propaganda film. Two days ago, the Islamic Army of Iraq--a notoriously brutal terrorist organization known for it's murder videos of Western civilians-- released a high-production value film proporting to have been made with images and letters found on the flash drive of a dead "Marine", Spc. Lee Tucker. The video was narrated in native English, in what was proportedly the voice of Lee Tucker. The message of the video was that many soldiers were anti-war, and that Tucker had died in a cause he did not believe in. UPDATE: Video below, scroll down.

As I wrote then:

However, I was unable to find any confirmation of Spc. Tucker's death. None. Which is interesting to find on a webpage about "Lee's life for lies", when apparently the premise of the website---that Spc. Tucker died for a lie--is in itself a lie!
Later, both SITE and Laura Mansfield concurred that there was no evidence that Lee Tucker was dead.

But it gets even better then that. Not only is Lee Tucker alive and well, he's also not against the war. ABC's Blotter:

But a lot about the video does not add up, including the fact that ABC News found the supposedly dead soldier is "alive and well" and present for duty, according to a U.S. Army spokesman at Fort Campbell, Ky.

"There are a whole bunch of lies on that tape," said Lt. Col. Ed Loomis at Fort Campbell. "It is nothing but a total fabrication."...

His family says he returned from Iraq in May and was with them over the holidays so he would not have been sending any messages home.

There will be an internal investigation at Fort Campbell to determine how the insurgents got a hold of the home video of the soldiers, and Fort Campbell officials are urging all soldiers to take further precautions against identity theft.

Tucker's mother Pam of Fort Worth, Texas, told ABC News that Tucker is not anti-war and that he could be returning to Iraq later this year.

I love being right!

What I want to know is what American dupe or traitor narrated Tucker's voice and who is the "peace activist" named "John Smith from New York" that the terror organization interviews near the end of the tape?

You'll also note that dozens of peace groups are linked by the terrorists, and that "codepink" is in the meta-description for the site.


I love how Laura describes the video:

Thereís one big problem with the video: itís presented as fact, but it is largely fiction. Itís basically unadulterated hogwash, designed to manipulate both American public opinion and the morale of the US service personnel serving in Iraq.
Laura is also offering a free download of the video at her website.

If you're too lazy to go over to Shawn Wasson's blog to view it, here's the vid:

UPDATE: If Liveleak version is slow, because of the Drudge link, here is our own Google video version, uploaded by Howie. We found this video several days back in our original story, but failed to upload it until today.

Update: Just in case you didn't read my original post, more info about the IAI website about Tucker, here is some more of what I wrote:

The Islamic Army in Iraq is the same terror organization that murdered American hostage Ronald Schulz and Italian Red Cross worker Enzo Baldoni---and dozens of other innocent civilians. All murdered on video. The group once had a working relationship with Abu Musab al Zarqawi.

In fact, near the end of the video a member of al Boraq interviews what it calls an American peace activist named "John Smith" from New York. There is no real difference between what the terrorist interviewer and the anti-war activist believe about the Iraq war. War for oil, imperialism, Zionists, etc.

Also, be sure to check out this webpage full of posters produced by the Islamic Army in Iraq. In addition to poor spelling, you will also notice the uncanny similarity between IAI propaganda and that of Code Pink and other antiwar groups.

Prominent among the links found at the terrorist website?

Code Pink
Golden Star Families for Peace
Bring Them Home Now!
Casey's Peace Page (Yes, Cindy Sheehan)
United for Peace and Justice
The Guerrero Azteca Project
Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW)
Military Families Speak Out
Mothers Against the Draft
Progressive Democrats of America
Veterans for Peace

Interestingly enough, I was looking at the source code for the page and Code Pink is so important to whoever designed the webpage for the Islamic Army in Iraq, that they insisted on putting the word "codepink" in the metadescription.

The next time some tinfoil conspiracy nut says that terrorists want us to keep fighting in Iraq, ask them to explain their explicit support of American peace activists.

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