January 08, 2007

Dead 'Anti-War' Soldier is 'Alive and Well', Not anti-war

Jawa Report had an earlier entry on anti-war soldier Lee Tucker, who was alleged to be dead after appearing with a Christmas message in a propaganda film by the Islamic Army of Iraq.

Vindicating Rusty's skepticism, ABC news is reporting that he is in fact 'alive and well.'

It looks like the whole thing is a hoax, except for the pics. Those are of Tucker, but everything else is a lie---especially given that Tucker was home this Christmas and had no need to write a "Christmas letter" to his parents!

Will the anti-warbots correct and retract accordingly?

The fake video that started the hubbub is below the fold. -->

Rusty update: I love being right!

What I want to know is what American dupe or traitor narrated Lee Tucker's voice and who is the "peace activist" named "John Smith from New York" that the terror organization interviews near the end of the tape?

You'll also note that dozens of peace groups are linked by the terrorists, and that "codepink" is in the meta-description for the site.

I love how Laura describes the video:

Thereís one big problem with the video: itís presented as fact, but it is largely fiction. Itís basically unadulterated hogwash, designed to manipulate both American public opinion and the morale of the US service personnel serving in Iraq.

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This is some of the most ridiculous shit I have ever seen. The "letter" is obviously phony. I mean he is writing his dad that he still remembers when the "pentagon" came and recruited him.

Posted by: TexAg03 at January 8, 2007 02:08 PM
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