January 06, 2007

Jamil Hussein Denies Being Source for Burning 6 Story (Bumped)

UPDATE (Good Lt.): (Bumped, because the AP doesn't wish it to be seen or known.) Commentor Shad puts it quite succinctly at protein wisdom:

"I guess I still donít understand why the lefties are all doing a celebration dance.

The AP reported a story with two named sources saying that 6 people had been dragged into the street and burned alive, 4 mosques had been utterly destroyed, and 18 more people were killed in the obliterated mosques.

After investigating this amazing story, it turned out that:

* One of the sources immediately recanted his version of the story.

* No one was burned in the streets.

* No mosques were destroyed.

* No one was killed in the mosques that werenít destroyed.

* A month or so later the AP has finally found an Iraqi named Jamil Hussein, but he denies being the APís source.

In sum, the AP published an utterly false enemy propaganda story, which has been recanted/denied by both of their named sources and demonstrated as inaccurate by people in Iraq who investigated the sites allegedly involved in the carnage. Yet according to the latest round of Townhouse groupthink, all of this is somehow damaging to the people who were critical of the APís original fantasy and exposed it as a pack of lies.

Very odd."

Hey - Kathy Carroll says you should just shut the f*ck up. Why question any of that? More fun at Dan Riehl. The AP thinks its done here, and that' s good. Now that we've established that Hussein is a real person, it will allow these initial inquiries into his stories to keep percolating, uninterrupted.
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Curt at Flopping Aces this and more from a source in the Civilian Police Assistance Training Team:
The real issue is this: Jamil works in Al Khadra (think of Staten Island) -- he's telling the media about Al Hurriah murders (Think of Queens -- it's a different area of the city):

* Why would any reporter consider this guy a reliable source under these circumstances?

* There are no bodies.
* The source is a police officer from a different area of the city
* There's no official police report to refer to -- so where did the information come from?
* The bodies were reportedly taken to a hospital morgue that doesn't have a morgue
* There are no family member reports, complaints or interviews
* There are no pictures or video of the event.
* None of the other media in Baghdad are covering this

....MOI officials have now questioned Captain Jamil Ghlaim at MOI headquarters. Ghlaim continues to deny speaking to AP or any other media outlet.

Plot meet thickener.

Oh, and just in case you came looking for the original, uncut, uncensored version of the Saddam Hussein execution video.

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