January 03, 2007

New Official Report on Qana Ambulances

In this report, the Democratic Humanist Institute for Multicultural Internationalism rejects the theory that the Qana ambulances were hit by a "Spike missile." Excerpt:

Upon a review of the reporting on the events transpiring on July 23, 2006 near Qana, Lebanon, along with the criticisms of the reporting and the follow-up work by Human Rights Watch, we have conducted our own follow-on investigation.

Based on our investigation, which included interviews with a significant number of individuals having direct knowledge of information related to events occurring on or about July 23, 2006, along with a review of a significant portion of official photographs of the aftermath of such events and written records based at least partly on eyewitness testimony of such events, we have come to the conclusion that the Israeli munitions striking ambulances 777 and 782 were not Hellfire missiles or Spike missiles.

Our detailed analysis as to the Spike missile and our conclusions as to the Israeli munitions which did destroy ambulances 777 and 782 are set forth in detail below.

You can read the full report * HERE *.

And if you're not in the mood for an "official report," the "cliff's notes" version is BELOW THE FOLD:


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