December 31, 2006

Hussein Era Ends, No Unfathomable Surge in Violence

Listening to the leftwingnuts, you'd think that Saddam's death was about to cause Iraq to spiral uncontrollably towards an inescapable and devastating final offensive between the "millions of insurgents" waiting for that precise moment and US forces. Or something. Whatever fits the unfolding narrative.

Well, we're still waiting for the inescapable, inevitable, unquenchable, unfathomable surge in violence caused directly by Saddam Hussein's death.

After all, Saddam's martyrdom and his inspiration to the "millions of terrorists Bush created" was a principal argument of the pro-Saddam left in favor of leniency this weekend.

Lets see. Two carbombs across the entire country. Nope. Typical day. Iraq is still there.

Tick, tock. Time is running out for this wildly reactionary grievance against the US effort there to be a valid one.

Then again, we've seen a lot of invalid and non-sensical 'arguments' written by morons to be read by imbiciles taking 'moral stands' against the the Coalition's effort in Iraq ever since 2003.

Leftwingnuts. Idiots full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

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