December 30, 2006

Saddam Is Dead - The Left is Apoplectic

You can practically taste the tears of sympathy and feel the tangible pangs of moral outrage through your screen. Outrage, I tell you!!!

Ragnar highlighted the initial reactions of some Kos Kidz - Bush sucks!!11!!

Gateway Pundit has another roundup of lefty reaction- pure and unvarnished America-hatred and BDS drip from these links (especially in the comment sections of these sites).

Kevin Drum tries to convince us that the execution will cause a sudden "spiral of violence" that has yet to materialize anywhere but in the fervent imaginations of the news media and in the fever swamps of the leftosphere. CNN reports that audience members were dancing with joy.

HuffPo morons Raed Jarrar and Martin Lewis lament and wax tragic over the death of the Butcher of Baghdad. A maroon at some site called "Shakespeare's Sister" is also not happy about justice being administered to Hitler, Jr.

Steve "Blackface is Groovy" Gilliard calls it a murder by the Iraqi government (the one that the left claims doesn't actually exist).

Sheldon Dronby, Air America's founder/sugardaddy? Bush is worse, you stupid neocons.

Because, you know, Bush is worse. Or something. Poignant stuff, all this.

Nothing gets the moral compass of the left out of whack quite like the deserved death of a Jew-hating, anti-American tyrant.

ht: Radio Equalizer, Jules Crittenden

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