December 29, 2006

Leftosphere Attempts Debunking, Fails Heroically

Crooks and Liars, TPM Muckraker and The Carpetbagger Report all tried to "debunk" the photo of a lonely John Kerry sitting with those he indicated are drooling high-school dropouts in Iraq this past holiday.

They screamed indignation at "the right"! The threw around accusations of fauxtography! Those rightwing theocons are at it again! Kerry derangement syndrome! We got 'em this time!

And the verdict? Sadly, No!

The pics were indeed real, and Kerry did indeed look like the buffoonish caricature of himself that he in fact is.

Maybe these leftosphere bloggers can tell the MSM watchdogs in the rightosphere what crow tastes like. Is it sweet or bitter?

Read Malkin, Gateway Pundit and Powerline to get the background and a hearty laugh. Have some punch. Indulge in schedenfreude. Drop Ben a line as well.

These guys want so desperately to do to the rightosphere what we do semi-regularly to the MSM, and they end up looking like Joe Wilson when they attempt it - dishonest, loud, wrong, inaccurate, slightly tweaked and desperate.

Especially when they don't retract or correct their initial assertions and accusations.


John Kerry, possibly telling botched jokes to the troops.

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