December 29, 2006

Open Season - CAIR remix

This is a remix of the original “Open Season” by Stuck Mojo.

Hat Tip: Tatercat via LGF.

Speaking of Little Green Footballs, you can vote for Anti-Idiotarian of the Year 2006 and Idiotarian of the Year 2006 here. Polls close the 31st at midnight so vote now!

While I was tooling around over there I noted another vid that you must see if you have not already. It’s a discussion in Afghanistan about the burqa. A young man is explaining to his sister and her friends how it is improper for her to not wear a burqa in public. He then whines about how it’s unfortunate for him that his sisters were educated and this left him powerless. “A Muslim girl cannot be happy without a burqa”, He says, “It is written in the Koran.” The girls ask him to show them where in the Koran it says this. His response is below.



It’s not his sister’s education that hobbles him. It’s his own illiteracy and blind following of the Mullahs that leaves him powerless. Maybe he should have spent more time trying to be more like her, learning to read.

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