December 28, 2006

The Tools of Self-Defense


Following on to my earlier post on the Second Amendment (pbui,) there seemed to be a lot of interest in discussing the pros and cons of various tools of self-defense. Here are a few of my personal favorites:

Remington 870 Express 12-ga. Shotgun

Simple, reliable and affordable. The unmistakable sound of this gun chambering a round has been known to handle a home invasion situation all by itself--though you may have to deal with soiled carpet. Hard to go wrong with this one, IMHO. Bonus : in many states, you can carry this one in your vehicle without a concealed carry permit. Downside : shotguns aren't the most convenient tools to lug around, you have limited magazine capacity and ammo is bulky.

Taurus PT-99 Semi-auto Pistol (9mm)

Based on an earlier design for the Beretta 9mm, this one fits in most budgets and comes with a lifetime warranty. I've had good luck with both I've owned. I've found them to be relatively accurate and very reliable. 9mm ammo is pretty cheap, and you can get 15-round clips for this one. Downsides : 1: doesn't have the "cool name," 2: 9mm has been criticized for insufficient takedown power, 3: in most states, you need a permit to carry a handgun outside the home--even in your car.

DPMS Panther Classic .223 Rem. Semi-auto Rifle

Although not as big a name as Colt or Bushmaster, DPMS makes a solid AR15. Now, to be honest, I'm not sure what situation might require a semi-auto rifle for self-defense, but if I'm ever in such a situation, I'll be damn glad to have it. I'd imagine one of these would've been handy in New Orleans last year. I was a "late adopter" of the AR15, but after finally getting one, I love it. I previously owned a Ruger Mini-14, which was fine for playing around, but just didn't shoot that straight. I found that other folks have had the same experience. YMMV.

So, what do you guys like?

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