December 28, 2006

Kidnapped Security Contractors Alive

mujahidin_battalion_hostages.jpgMcClatchy Newspapers has been shown a Video of the five men as proof they are alive.

Kansas City Star: BAGHDAD, Iraq | Four American security contractors — including an area man — and an Austrian co-worker kidnapped in southern Iraq six weeks ago appear in a videotape.

The area man identifies himself as John Young, 44, of Kansas City. Relatives reached Wednesday by The Kansas City Star declined comment.

There is no way to tell when the video was filmed.

The footage, which hasn’t been made public, is the first proof that all five survived their abductions Nov. 16 in an ambush in the town of Safwan.
The clip was shown Tuesday night to McClatchy Newspapers in Baghdad on condition that the provider’s name and other identifying details be withheld for security reasons.

The provider said the video was shot in response to a demand for proof that the men were alive before negotiations for their release could begin.

The provider was confident the men were still living and remained in the hands of a little-known Shiite Muslim militant group that called itself the “Mujahedeen of Jerusalem Company.”

Audio of the tape is here.

Jawa Report post from the confusion immediately following their disappearance.

Shortly after they were taken a group calling itself The Islamic Mujahedeen Battalion claimed to have taken the men. They made the claim in a video that was broadcast on Iranian state television.

Whatever the name, Iran seems to be involved with this incident. A source pointed out to me that he thought the men would be killed. I disagreed and thought that if Iran was involved they would not throw away a bargaining chip. They would hold the men.

Well it looks like we are also holding a few chips of our own. Can you say let’s make a deal. These five for your two and none can return to Iraq. Fair enough Mookie?

Deal or no deal we pray for their safe and speedy return and for strength for their families at this most difficult of times.

Hat Tip: George.

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