December 28, 2006


KristianMenchaca-ThomasTucker.jpg[More uncensored news from Iraq, as written by soldiers in the field]

BAGHDAD - Special Iraqi Army Forces, with coalition advisors, captured an Al Qaeda in Iraqi terror cell leader during operations Dec. 26 in Al Yousifiyah, south of Baghdad.

The terrorist is believed responsible for kidnapping two US Soldiers from a checkpoint in Yousifiyah in June, 2006. The Soldiers were later found tortured and murdered.

Recently, the terrorist was commenting on the kidnapping during the showing of a video CD at a Yousifiyah mosque. The CD reportedly showed the kidnapping of the US Soldiers. The terrorist is also suspected of perpetrating numerous kidnappings, murders and other violent crimes within the Yousifiyah area.

Iraqi forces conducted an air-assault operation and quickly captured the terrorist without incident. One other person detained was later released.

There was minimal damage done to the objective. There were no Iraqi civilian, Iraqi forces or Coalition Forces casualties.

[End Centcom release]

I have added some background and previous TJR coverage of this below.

This man is believed to have led the cell that kidnapped Kristian Menchaca and Thomas Tucker. Other terrorists linked to the cell and believed responsible for the murder and mutilation of their bodies were killed or captured in July.

Jawa report posts on the graphic sickening videos of this war crime here and here.

Lorie Byrd’s report on why you should see what a real war criminal is located here.

As horrible as the image of the recent video must be, I couldn’t help but think that maybe some of those who have forgotten, or who never fully recognized the extent of evil we face, should see it. Could anyone watch such a thing and remain complacent about the threat of terrorism?

After all we have now seen, it is impossible to deny the evil that we face, although there are still some who try to justify or diminish it.

alternate AP source here at Yahoo News.

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