December 26, 2006

Yet Another Hole in the Jamil Hussein Story

This time over a fake morgue and the destination of the "burned bodies" which the AP attempts to change on Nov. 28 quietly and without retraction, in the hopes that it won't be noticed by the sheeple. Well, it has been noticed.

See-dubya highlights the latest hole in the Jamil Hussein story, via Confederate Yankee. Questions, questions, questions:

Is this how the AP corrects its stories? Whether there is a morgue at Kazamiyah hospital or not, the destination of the bodies changed within three days, without notice or explanation. Why would we presume this witness–supposedly one of their two anonymous eyewitnesses to the burning–is any more reliable than the fellow who said the bodies went into the morgue at Kazamiyah hospital? Which of the AP’s sources lied to them?
The AP is hoping you've just stopped paying attention. They don't know the Sithosphere very well...

Ask Dan Rather. Or Eason Jordan. Or Mary Mapes. Or Adnan Hajj. Et cetera.

This developement is several days old (here's the Jawa post on it), but no less crucial.

Stay tuned.

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