December 22, 2006

Miss Nevada Katie Rees UNCENSORED

I'm not advocating you go there, but if you were academically curious as to what all those pics of Miss Navada Katie Rees look like without all those little red stars, there's a set here. (NSFW--as if!)

Please understand that this link, like the previous information related to Miss USA Tara Connor, is provided solely for research purposes. As you know, we don't spend all our time distributing a bunch of pornography (aka "porn") here, or wild pictures of naked lesbian (aka "good gay") girls kissing, or pictures of naughty girls like Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan showing off their complete lack of panties. The Jawa Report is not just about boobs--or breasts, or cha-chas, or whatever term you prefer. There are places you can find pictures (and even videos) of Paris Hilton showing off her bare ass and/or doing dirty sexual things, but this normally isn't one of those places. We do, of course, post a lot of YouTube videos (especially around Christmas,) and even feature the very occasional post on Harry Potter. If I ever figure out what Rockstartup and Studivz are, I'll probably post on them, as well.

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