December 21, 2006

Is Capt. Jamil Hussein in Hiding?

For the most part, both the corporate news outlets and the left side of the blogosphere have been deafeningly quiet on the Jamil Hussein story. Every now and then, though, somebody pops his head up and, whipped up in a fit of ignorant (or feigned) rage, launches an intolerant tirade against any who would question the official corporate line. In the course of an extended rant against all of us who would dare question the veracity of a local Iraqi stringer, at least one blogger in the AP cheering section infers that Jamil Hussein hasn't come forward because the attendant publicity would put his family in danger:

It is strange that the AP doesn't seem interested in dragging out an Iraqi source and shouting, "Dance, monkey!" while all their bureau reporters and staff circle up and clap rhythmically. I'm sure Hussein would then be welcome on many national television shows and, afterward, he could go home with some lovely green room gift baskets and a big target to stick on his family.
Unfortunately, this is about as close to factual analysis as the AP cheering section has so far managed to get.

I'm fairly certain this story would have already gone away if the AP had just admitted that the "Burning Six" story was fabricated and issued a retraction. They refuse to do so, and that's why this story is important. But it's not going away, Ms. Carroll. We're not going to let you get away with a strategy of standing your ground, sticking to your guns and just hoping it blows over.

It's not going to blow over because this story is really not about what happened in a neighborhood in Baghdad on November 24, 2006.

This story is not even about whether or not Police Capt. Jamil Hussein exists, whether the 61 AP stories that used Capt. Hussein as a source have any veracity, or whether there is or is not a "civil war" in Iraq.

This story is about a western news media establishment that gets duped and exploited by politically-motivated local stringers time (Mohammed al-Dura) after time (Jenin) after time (Bassem Mroue) after time (Adnan Hajj) after time (Green Halmet Helmut Helmet) after time (The Qana Ambulance) after time (The Burning Six).

This system is broken, folks, and the LEFT WING should be every bit as concerned about this as the right wing. If the "eyes" and the "ears" of our nation are being flooded with false images and sounds, how is the "brain" expected to make good decisions? It can't. This is not a left or right issue, people!!

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