December 21, 2006

Reader Love Mail: Basspro Edition

We received some more reader love mail this week. It was nice since the volume of death threats and “love mail” has been down lately. We were starting to worry that we weren’t offending anyone. But poet Sara Muni sent us this little gem.

Sara Muni: I was looking through your website you dirty waist of a soul. And i was disgusted, you stupid mother f__cker down playing Islam like anything about it in the first place. How can you open a website and start saying things about another faith you obviously no nothing about, well ill tell you how you don't come across as a very educated person in the first place. If you don't take down all your bull shit I'm going to take this to higher matters.
We have been unable to determine if she is the daughter of Mr. Muni from I Love Lucy. Her email stands in stark contrast to her little poem here.
There once was a great man who walked this earth
He was very blessed even since birth
He came with a message sent from above
He taught and preached and showed us love

He spread Islam and showed us the light
He taught us good the wrong from right
He listened and learned and warned the disbelievers
Who will surely be burned...

...blah blah blah....

Sara is using the name basspro as part of her email addy. The only girl basspro I know goes by the name Sam. Maybe Sara goes by Sam when she’s fishin?I dunno.

As to her demand that we take down all our bullshit before she takes the issue to "higher matters." I’ve assigned that to Vinnie. He will begin deletion of all bullshit once he has successfully deleted each spam message posted in comments by the Islamist supporting Spam Bastard. He has to do each one individually and new spam comes in daily so be patient. Vinnie thinks he can get to that sometime in 2015.

In the mean time, while you are waiting, we wrote a little poem for you too.

There once was a prophet from Mecca,
He liked to cutt-a the neck-a.
He boinked little girls,
all covered with curls,
And now he's Satan's bitch called 'Becca.
Hey Sara! You like that one? It rhymes and everything!

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