December 21, 2006

Miss USA Nevada Good Gay?

katie.jpgFirst we have heard whispers that Miss USA Tara Connor and Miss Teen USA were, “Making out”, in public. Now Miss Nevada 2007 is caught smooching other hot chicks and generally being naughty. Shocking photos of a Miss USA contestant have come hot on the fashionable heels of a scandal that rocked reigning Miss USA Tara Conner.

The raunchy pics show Katie Rees, Miss Nevada 2007, exposing her breasts, passionately kissing other young women, and simulating oral sex with females and a male.

I’m not sure Good Gay is enough to describe this, how about super great mucho fantastic gay? Could there be more good gay activity in the Miss USA pageant? I sure hope so.


More below the fold.

Update: Sad Sad day for good gay. Miss USA Nevada 2007 has been canned.

TMZ has all the pics here. With stars dammit.

UPDATE by Ragnar : Wow. Okay, so there's nothing in these pics most of us haven't seen before, but yet these pics are REALLY titillating. I guess it's the "fame" thing--but she's not really that famous. I dunno. I guess I'll just have to go look at 'em all again & see if anything occurs to me...


More here at Howie’s Moisture Farm. To save Rusty from having to serve all these pics of course ;)

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