December 15, 2006

CAIR Shuts Down Blog (Updated: Blame Frank J & IMAO)

Beth has the details.

UPDATE 12/15 by Rusty: I initially hesitated to run the story because one of the things we do here at The Jawa Report is try to get ISPs to take down the kind of websites which openly support the purposeful killing of civilians. We call people like that terror supporters. I seem to recall something called The Bush Doctrine........

Well, it turns out that Vilmar was just linking an "editorial" by Frank J at IMAO. If you don't know IMAO, you should, it's parody. And usually pretty funny.

So, if any website deserves to be shut down, it's not Rightwinghowler, but IMAO. Not for Frank J's parody of racist genocidal maniacs, but because he lets Laurence Simon post about his stupid cats. Personally, and this is not parody, I'm for felinicide: the systematic killing of all kittens. Because all kittens someday grow up to be cats.

Anyway, this is all very ironic since this is the same CAIR which has no problem supporting the genocidal maniacs of Hamas. Brian at Snapped shot has that angle covered.

Update, too, by Vinnie: I fully concur with the boss about the kitten thing. They make great running targets for the 10/22.

Update 2.5 by Rusty: A link, just to screw with Laurence.

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