December 12, 2006

Iraqi Forces Free Hostages, Foil Mosque Bombing

Via Centcom:

BAGHDAD – Iraqi Soldiers, with the support of coalition forces, found 23 hostages and arrested six kidnappers when conducting ongoing operations in a western neighborhood of the Iraqi capital Dec. 11.

The 4th Battalion, 1st Brigade, 6th Iraqi Army Division team observed two vehicles that had stopped a local national bus, forcing the passengers off the bus at approximately 10:40 a.m.. The Iraqi Army Soldiers pursued the suspects who got back into the two vehicles and drove off in separate directions.

The Iraqi Army soldiers stopped one of the fleeing vehicles west of an established checkpoint in the area. One kidnapper was killed and two others wounded due to the small arms fire used by the Iraqi soldiers to stop the fleeing car. In the trunk of the stopped vehicle, one kidnap victim was found.

The other car, a white Daiwoo, was also followed from the location where passengers were forced from a bus. The Iraqi Army pursued this vehicle until it stopped in front of a house nearby. Two additional kidnap victims were freed from the trunk of the vehicle and 20 more kidnap victims were found inside the house. Six kidnappers were detained from this incident.

After further investigation, most of the kidnapped victims are believed to be Shi’a and predominately from Abu Ghraib and Ramadi. Some of the victims showed signs of abuse; they had been badly beaten.

All 23 rescued victims have been transferred to the 4/1/6 IA Headquarters and are receiving medical treatment.

The kidnappers have been identified as Sunni’s. The kidnapping cell leader, a Syrian named Abu Mousan, escaped capture.

This is good news. The terrorists kidnap ordinary working people and accuse them of crimes. If a ransom cannot be secured, often they are murdered in snuff videos.

Today terrorists murdered more innocents for the crime of looking for work. Efforts to help create jobs for Iraqis could help reduce the number of people seeking day labor. Day laborers have been repeatedly targeted because they are easy targets.

Of course the terrorists will target people working regular jobs. Unemployment and poverty are conditions they require as part of their plans to take power.

There was also a bomb planted today near the entrance of the Golden Mosque in Samarra. If was found and removed. No one was injured.

Centcom: SAMARRA, Iraq – A bomb discovered by Iraqi police near the entrance of the Golden Mosque in Samarra detonated today at noon. Iraqi police were conducting a routine patrol of the area when they found the improvised explosive device placed at the main doorway of the mosque.

The police officials immediately requested assistance from Coalition Forces and an Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) team to help secure the area and diffuse the bomb.

The EOD team was successful in removing the detonation wire and fuse. However, during their attempt to remove the bomb, it exploded and caused minimal damage to the door and entry way.

A team of Iraqi police searched the interior of the mosque to ensure no injuries or damage was sustained.

“This action by the terrorists shows they have no respect for Islam, and are only concerned about killing innocent civilians,” said Lt. Col. Viet Luong, commander of 2nd Battalion, 505th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 82nd Airborne Division.

“This bomb was built to cause maximum damage and because of the heroic action of the Iraqi police, this damage was minimized.”

Both of these positive results were achieved by the Iraqi forces.

I'll look and see if any MSM outlets pick these up. I'll not hold my breath, good news is like kryptonite to the MSM.

The terrorists were able to do one operation that will be played up. All these other stories will be ignored. This creates a perception that the things are worse than they really are.

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