December 08, 2006

Return of the Green Helmet Guy (Updated Again & Again...)

The entry is below the fold - its a rather lengthy rebuttal to AP exec. editor Kathleen Carroll's asinine swipes at bloggers, coupled with a comparative analysis of inaccurate AP and wire service coverage. The original "Green Helmet Guy" entry is at the bottom of the post. Grab a cuppa joe and stay a while. More to come.

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Update VI (Good Lt): Sorry, Vinndawg. The AP Pontiff denied the fauxtography scandal.

In E&P, of all places.

I have to run these items. Miss Carroll's colleagues at AFP in August, defending Adnan Hajj and his ilk:

Do you really think these people would risk their lives under Israeli shelling to set up a digging ceremony for dead Lebanese kids?" asked Patrick Baz, Mideast photo director for AFP. "I'm totally stunned by first the question, and I can't imagine that somebody would think something like that would have happened."
We have the photos, Miss Carroll.
The AP had three different photographers there who weren't always aware of what the others were doing, and filed their images to editors separately, said Santiago Lyon, director of photography.

There are also several reasons not to draw conclusions from time stamps, Lyon said. Following a news event like this, the AP does not distribute pictures sequentially; photos are moved based on news value and how quickly they are available for an editor to transmit.

The AP indicates to its members when they are sent on the wire, and member Web sites sometimes use a different time stamp to show when they are posted.

We are aware of that as well. And here's what you said to another propagandist interested in discrediting the watchdogs of the Fourth Estate in an interview for "On the Media." Check this:
MARK JURKOWITZ: Two other people that the military have characterized as enemy combatants or insurgents. Is that correct?

KATHLEEN CARROLL: That's what they told us, yes. We have been in touch with them, but he says that, you know, he was doing his job as a journalist, which involves talking to all kinds of people, and making himself available to talk with them so that he can make pictures of them without endangering himself.

MARK JURKOWITZ: Are you aware to any extent what his relationship with members of the insurgency might be? Do you know, frankly, whether he has just sources within the insurgency or would have any special knowledge about what's going on there?

KATHLEEN CARROLL: I would say two things about that, Mark. One, we are not particularly interested in trying to suss- out the details and evidence and try Bilal, you know, on your program or any other way in the media. We have always said if there's a problem, put it before a court. That said, we've done our own examination of his work, our relationship with him, all the conversations he's had with all of the AP employees, and found absolutely nothing, absolutely nothing that would lead us to believe his relationships were anything other than those of a native son committing journalism in his hometown and then later in a town up the road.

OK. They are not interested in Bilal Hussein's insurgent ties. Even though he's been caught red-handed with insurgents with traces of bomb-making materials on his garb. Continuing on this facade:
MARK JURKOWITZ: How do you describe sort of the kind of work and the kinds of things he's been doing for AP?

KATHLEEN CARROLL: We reviewed 420 photographs, the body of his work, as it moved on our circuits. The vast majority of those photographs show the aftermath of combat, show the effects of fighting on buildings, on cars, on people. There are people showing emotion, grief. There are occasionally dead bodies. There are wounded people. Thirty-seven of the four-hundred-and-twenty pictures showed armed men or masked men who could conceivably be insurgents or fighters. And in three or so of those photos, they're actually firing weapons. The distinction that I really want to make that's very important here, Mark, if you believe that someone is tied in with insurgents, you would logically assume that they would be at the scene of insurgent activity fairly early after it happened. You might expect to see pictures of, you know, cars blowing up, with giant flames leaping out of them. And that's just not the case in Bilal's work. Our review found that most of the violence had subsided by the time he arrived to make pictures. That's important to us.

MARK JURKOWITZ: According to a May e-mail from a military official to the AP, this is what they've said. He has close relationships with persons known to be responsible for kidnapping, smuggling, improvised explosive attacks and other attacks on coalition forces. Do you accept that as a possibility, do you refute that or do you just sort of – don't have a comment on that per se and are just looking at his work and his work habits?

KATHLEEN CARROLL: Well, I can only respond to it generally, because there's never been anything specific that comes beyond that. Bilal grew up in Fallujah. I don't know about you, but not all the people that I grew up with turned out exactly well. You know, some of them ended up doing things that our mothers might not like. I don't know whether that's the case with Bilal, because we've never had any names associated with this. Just they think his relationships are unsavory. Any journalist will tell you that occasionally you end up having dinner with or interviewing or taking pictures of somebody that you might not want to have over to the house, but that that's a part of your job as being a journalist. How could anybody in Boston, Chicago, New York or Philadelphia have covered the Mob if they didn't get to know all these colorful characters a little bit? Does that mean that they should go to jail without charge because they hang out with guys that have names from "The Sopranos?"

For those paying attention, she's just admitted that Bilal Hussein is an insurgent.


MARK JURKOWITZ: Kathleen, I appreciate your time.

KATHLEEN CARROLL: My pleasure, Mark.

MARK JURKOWITZ: Kathleen Carroll is executive editor of The Associated Press.

Its officially safe to procalim that Miss Carroll has been duped AGAIN and should reevaluate her 'sources.'

The American people and our troops deserve better. Much better.
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Update Vee by Vinnie: Exclusive archival footage of Kathleen Carroll's first big break, an interview with Sen. Robert Byrd.
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Update IV: (Good Lt): If its a fight you want, AP, you got it.We're not alone in this, Miss Carroll.

The AP won’t produce its star source, Jamil Hussein, the policeman that neither the Iraqi Ministry of Interior nor CENTCOM can find record of, any of the immolated bodies or their names, the names and credentials of the local Iraqis the AP used as reporters of the incident and the AP’s follow-up, the purported conveniently located afterward anonymous witnesses, nor any Sunni leaders who are aware of the claimed incident.

Kathleen Carroll has experience, yes. And, Richard Nixon was an experienced politician. Leading Republicans, finally, told him the gig was up, the cover-up had doomed his credibility and position. Where are the responsible media leaders who will tell Ms. Carroll?

Stings, doesn't it? From the Boston Herald:
The pajama-clad ranks of conservative bloggers are officially here as effective media watchdogs, having forced Dan Rather's retirement; having forced Reuters and other news agencies to come to terms with the propaganda they were shilling for terrorists in Lebanon; and having now prompted action from both the United States military and the Iraqi Interior Ministry after evidence of fraudulent war crimes reports by the Associated Press.
Cozy up, babe. We're the thorn in your precious little craw.
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Update III (Bluto):

My contribution to the tag team action is a reminder of this little gem from August, during the Israeli/Hizballah war. Reuters and the AP collaborated on keeping it on the downlow. Two journalists, one from Reuters and one from The Associated Press corroborated each others' sketchy accounts of an alleged Israeli missile attack on a civilian convoy fleeing Marjayoun, Lebanon.

What Reuters and the AP didn't mention (and neither responded to my inquiries) was that the two journalists were there because they, too, were fleeing Marjayoun - and they are twin brothers, Lotfallah and Karamallah Daher.

What does this have to do with Green Helmet Guy? Green Helmet Guy is also from Marjayoun. His real name is Salam Daher.
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Update II (Good Lt): Apologies in advance for the wrath I rarely display that will flow henceforth. Someone needs a severe clue-clubbing. Allah's post is about to bring the smaller Good Lt out in me.

Boo f'ing hoo, Carroll. Cry us a Tigris-Euphrates River.

Questioning their integrity and work ethic is simply offensive.
Want a refresher as to why "stringers" aren't trusted implicitly, Miss Carroll? Here you go:


Says the AP Pontiff:

It’s awfully easy to take pot shots from the safety of a computer keyboard thousands of miles from the chaos of Baghdad.
But so easy to take pot shots at the war effort from your keyboard in the United States. Sorry, Your Majesty. I thought we lived in a free country, but apparently questioning your "betters" in positions of power and influence is not a right of citizens living in a free nation. At least, that's what the AP spokesmouth is suggesting here.

News flash, sweetheart. We'll continue maligning your "stringers (terrorists)" all we want, you pathetic excuse for a 'journalist.'

Or you can simply end the "mad rabble" of Fourth Estate watchdogs and produce the invisible, non-existent source of your stories, Iraqi Police Captain Jimal Hussein, for the world and the "mad rabble" to see.

Otherwise, quit whining and get back to work printing terrorist propaganda as "news." We'll be waiting. And you'll keep whining.
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Update I / Bumped by Howie.

The AP doesn’t want me to update and bump this post, so I will, but only once. Vinnie you’re next please, then Bluto, Rusty, Good Lt, Mike Pechar, Chad Evans, Ragnar, a few more guys. You get the idea.

Via: Hot Air

Another volley from Kathleen Carroll, the executive editor. Last Friday, according to Times writer Tom Zeller, she told reporters it would be the height of foolishness to continue to engage the “mad blog rabble” (Zeller’s words). And yet, here we are.
Yes, it is foolish to defend the indefensible. She’s smart. We do not deny the accusation that we are the “mad blog rabble”. Despite the obvious reference to class, I'll just smile and say, "That's nice."

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Is the AP on a visionquest to send what remains of its tattered credibility down the flush-hole of Hell forever? Check this out.


Apparently oblivious to the fact that Reuters was completely spun and respun by Green Helmet Guy and his Hezbullah grievance propaganda operation, the AP goes one better (worse?) and actually has the gall to put up a slideshow honoring the screaming little death-obsessed propaganda cockroach. An AP "reporter" narrates the tortured slideshow entitled "A Grueling Task." O, the humanity. Wonder if they asked him why Hezbullah gunners hide behind women and children in apartment buildings.

You know what this means. We got yer Green Helmet Guy right here, AP.

(Howie says: blocked by websense? Try All Your Fakes Google vid copy here)

Here's the article the slideshow was attached to.

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