December 08, 2006

Iranian Students Protest For Freedom

howieiranprotestgroup1208.JPGOnce again the TJR is bringing you the news no one else seems to notice.

Iran Press News: Despite unprecedented security plans and repressive measures by the fascist regime of the Islamic republic to prevent the gathering commemorating the occasion of “students’ day”, students and brave Iranians who were informed about today’s protests showed that the university is still alive and despotism against religious tyranny blazes on.

According to received reports, today on this anniversary more than 4000 students of the Tehran University were able to gather; as they chanted slogans such as “Death to despotism” and “death to the dictators” they were battered by herds of the regime’s agents and disciplinary guards. The number of intelligence and security agents is reported to have been more than 5000.

The students who are enraged by censorship and suppression of the universities, clashed with the regime guards and broke down the gate of the technical school of Tehran university and entered.

The regime’s officials, agents and guards had put their security measures in place and had surrounded the entire area since early in the morning, bringing the campus under siege. Students had been threatened and told that if they gathered and continued their protest, they would be arrested. But student activists ignored the threats and escalated their protest.

After singing the popular student anthem “Yaar’eh Dabestaani” (old schoolmate) they began chanting slogans:

“Death to despotism”

“Death to the dictators”

“Political prisoners must be freed”

“Students with stars[i] wear them like a medal of honor”

“Freedom, equality, boycott the elections”

“Students would rather die than to accept further abjectness”

Mr. Ahmadinejad, are you a puppet of the theocracy? As the president you have an obligation to work for the future of the Iranian people. How can you do the business of Iran if you cannot even spend time with other leaders without losing a year of your term? They are interfering in your work. You need to stand up to them.

If you continue on the path the religious leaders have laid out for you these students will be the ones who die in the Ayatollahs’ mad scheme. And, as already proven, if they are displeased with judgments you make in the execution of your duty then they will dispose of you too.

You could use the support that is there to set Iran on a new road, a road that leads to a better life in Iran. Or you can continue the puppet dance you are doing. These people don’t want the west to have to come and solve your problems. They don’t want to die trying to create a new Persian Empire and destroy Israel.

They want to solve thier own problems, They want a future for themselves and their children in a free Iran. Give it to them or else continue to live as a coward in the shadow of the religious zealots who control your every move.

AP Via YahooAn Iranian student holds a photo of Iran's president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad upside down to show his disapproval of Ahmadinejad's policies during a demonstration at Tehran university, Tehran, Wednesday, Dec. 6, 2006, to mark Iran's student day, held annually after 3 students were killed in a protest to a visit by then U.S. vice-president Richard Nixon to the university in 1953. (AP Photo/Hasan Sarbakhshian)
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Who found the only major MSM outlet to run this story, Guess who, FOXNEWS.

The theme of Wednesday's protest was Student Life is Alive.

The police apparently made no effort to stop the demonstration, which ended peacefully.

One banner, in Persian, read: "If I rise up and you rise up, everyone will rise up."

Another read: "Our struggle is twofold: Fighting against internal oppression and external foreign threats."

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