December 04, 2006

Jihad Media Battalion Report: Fighting Zionist Robots!


Pay attention to the animated banner above, brought to you by the cyber jihadis from the al Qaeda in Iraq front of The Jihad Media Battalion. Make sure to let it scroll through. Notice the claim that the insurgents got two "robot soldiers"? They also claim to have killed two "Mossad" agents. I. Kid. You. Not.

In addition, they claim to have killed 326 "Crusaders". Actual number of US deaths in November? 70.

Part of the video shows the downed F-16 that the Jihad Media Battalion's parent organization, The Islamic State in Iraq, claims to have destroyed with a Soviet made surfact-to-air missile. The only problem? The video has the Associated Press watermark on it. Meaning the cyber jihadis downloaded the video from the internet. Even I have the original video without the watermark on it.

If the jihadis from The Islamic State in Iraq had actually shot down the plane, then shouldn't the Jihad Media Battalion--one of the official media organs of that group (the other being al Fajr) have a copy of the original video? Not some video that they pirated from an AP report.

The last funny from the video is that it shows an image of a "spy plane" "shot down" by the Army of Ansar al Sunna. The "spy plane" is actually a model airplane. The consensus among those in the military I have spoken to is that the mujahideen had actually found a child's toy, not a "spying aircraft" as is claimed.

The thing that is not so funny about this piece of propaganda is that it will be taken seriously by Islamists around the world. One of the reasons that Sunni insurgents are able to recruit is because these fighters actually believe this type of propaganda. One of the major themes of the cyber jihad is that far more Americans are killed than the US officially reports. These reports go from the insurgents to the Arab and Islamist media and are then consumed by a public eager to believe that the Great Satan is being defeated everywhere they fight.

People tend not to fight when they believe there is no hope for victory. As long as we continue to allow such propaganda to be spread by the cyber jihadis, then winning the war on terror will be much more difficult.

So, on the one side, terrorists use this propaganda to boost the morale of their own supporters. The flip side to this is that the same propaganda is used to demoralize those in the West willing to stand up to their Islamofascist agenda.

Notice this grab from the video. It's in English. Meaning the target audience is you.


Message: You've already lost, now go home so we can begin the serious work of establishing a base for the coming Caliphate.

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