December 04, 2006

Iran Bans Major Websites.

No word yet if The Jawa Report is banned but we sure hope so. The Guardian Via Michelle Malkin.

Iran yesterday shut down access to some of the world's most popular websites. Users were unable to open popular sites including and YouTube following instructions to service providers to filter them.

Similar edicts have been issued against Wikipedia, the internet encyclopaedia,, an online film database, and the New York Times site. Attempts to open the sites are met with a page reading: "The requested page is forbidden."

What kind of does Iran want to suppress.?

Maybe Maryam Namazie's speech to the UN? Or Maybe this one, entitled Save Nazanin & Kobra from Execution? Or Possibly this series about the hanging of a 16 year old girl from “crimes against chastity” Or maybe just the hangings and exposure of their religious propaganda.

Iran’s Mullahs fear the truth almost as much as they fear women.

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