December 03, 2006

Mark Steyn on America, Europe and Islam

The Powerline guys have the podcast here. Excerpt:

It's interesting to me that you don't have that business where--that you do in Europe, where, in effect, very small numbers of confident Muslim men bully the wider population in quite extraordinary ways, including on the night of September 11th, in several European towns, they demonstrated and chanted in support of Osama bin Laden. Who knew, until they were on the streets of Oslo and other Norwegian cities, that Norway had a big Muslim minority, that was celebrating September 11th? You couldn't get a taxi in certain towns in northern England, because the Muslim taxi drivers were all partying that night. And it's interesting. they were banging on the hoods of cars and demanding that the drivers say Osama bin Laden is a great man. Well, if you try that in most American jurisdictions, the guy will just reach into [the] glove box and blow your head off--which is actually one reason why it doesn't happen.

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