December 02, 2006

Darth Sadr


Is Muqtada al Sadr aligning himself with Syria and making a move against Iran? A move which is in the interests of the US, Israel, and the entire Middle East?

That's what the anti-clerical Persian Journal claims. Sadr's anti-Americanism, from this article's perspective, seems more in line with that of Syria. Iran, in this view, is pushing Hezbollah to topple the Lebanon government because the anti-Israeli card is the only thing on which Syria and al Sadr's forces in Iraq will play ball on. And al Sadr is someone who the US can play ball with, much like we do with the Syrians, not because he is pro-American but because of his own self-interest.

If that is the case, then al Sadr may be playing Darth Vader to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's Emperor Palpatine. Viewed as the lapdog but who, in fact, cautiously awaits the right time to make a move and take the reigns of leadership in the Middle East.

I'm not convinced, but interesting nonetheless. Especially given allegations that al Sadr's militia is financed, trained, and armed not in Damascus, but in Tehran.

H/T to OpiniPundit for the the pic and the caption.

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