December 01, 2006

American Traitor Leading Jihad in Somalia (UPDATED)

Ibrahim-Hassan-Addow.jpg(Scroll to bottom for update) A few days ago we brought to your attention the fact that an American citizen is the Foreign Minister for the Taliban-like Islamic Courts Union of Somalia. We asked readers to find out anything they could about Professo Ibrahim Hassan Addow. We wondered if it could possibly be true that an American would be a high ranking official in a government that has ties to al Qaeda, which is exporting jihad, and which calls for death to America?

Thanks to Vonski we've learned some more about the American traitor, Ibrahim Addow. It seems that the problem with finding information was in the spelling of his name. The more common spelling of his name is Ibrahim Hassan Addou.

It seems that Professor Addou used to work at The American University in Washington, D.C. Newsvine:

Addou...worked as an administrator at American University in Washington, D.C., before returning to Somalia in 1999.
Why does it not surprise me one bit that an institution of higher learning in the US would hire someone as an administrator who is an Islamist in the mold of the Taliban?

Vonski also digs up this bio page from Benadir University in Mogadishu, where it appears Addou/Addow was named President of the University after returning to Somalia.

Funny enough, here is a screenshot of an image from the welcome page at the University, which lists our American traitor as Prof. Ibrahim Hassan Addou, MA, M.Ed., Ph.D.


Why do I have the feeling that the picture wasn't actually taken at a University in the heart of downtown Mogadishu?

Ibrahim Addou is described one of the so-called 'moderates' in the African Courts Union regime. And in fact, compared to some in the regime, he may indeed be a moderate. But only moderate in the sense that Kruschev was a moderate communist when compared to Stalin.

Here is your 'moderate' face of the Somalian Taliban. Seattle Times:

"It seems that the extremists here are getting the focus and overshadowing us....We're wasting our time and resources closing movies and things like this. Minor things like this have to wait."
Did you read that carefully? It's not that closing movie theatres is bad, it's that those kinds of things should wait. You know, like until after the Somalian Taliban solidify their control on the country and defeat Ethiopia.

And like many a Taliban spokespan, Addou plays the 'we just want peace' card. Time:

"We are ready to be a nation," says Foreign Minister Ibrahim Hassan Addou. "We want Somalia to be peaceful, and we want to establish good relations with the rest of the world." With both hands, he beckons toward the open window in his office. "Feel free to look around," he says. "You can go where you want to go and see what you want to see."

Well, not quite. The Islamists have instituted Taliban-style rules banning drinking, cinemas, dancing and women swimming, as well as curbing the press.

Peace, Somalian Taliban style also includes: murdering people for watching soccer, or for not praying or for converting to Christianity [insert any other number of 'crimes' here].

And, for many Muslims, this is exactly what they mean by 'peace'. He says:

"Our record speaks for itself," he said. "We have created the stability and peace that the entire world could not do. Now the Somali people know the value of the Islamic courts and the quality of the leadership of the Islamic courts. We don't want to spend time on cheap propaganda."
Yes, we know exactly what you are up to in Somalia. And no amount of cheap propaganda will cover it up.

What is mystifying is that I have seen no major reports about Dr. Addou. Is he not a traitor? Not simply because he is a member of an oppressive government, not simply because that government has declared jihad against Ethiopia, not simply becasue that government is hostile to the West and our values, but because he is a member of a government which receives aid from al Qaeda and which is protecting terrorists involved in bombing the US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania!

We are at war with al Qaeda. If that isn't the very definition of treason, I don't know what is.

Dr. Addou and the Islamic Courts Union claim they do not support terrorism nor do they support al Qaeda. But, if you'll recall, the Taliban also claimed that they did not support terrorism. It's all how you define terrorism, I suppose. Also, there is no serious doubt that the Islamic Courts Union is backed by al Qaeda.

The head of the Islamic Courts Union has invited jihadis from around the world to join the fight in Somalia. And what do their followers chant? “Down with America! Down with Ethiopia!” And who do they praise? Check the image [and updates] below.

When you become a citizen, you swear an oath to be loyal to this country. Either somebody should be working hard at revoking Ibrahim Addou's citizenship, or preparing to indict him for treason.

UPDATE: No connection between Somalian Taliban and al Qaeda update. SITE:

Al-Fajr Information Center [ed note: al Qaeda in Iraq media] distributed amongst jihadist forums today, Thursday, November 30, 2006, an hour long video titled: "Apostate Hell in Somalia". The video contains captions and speech in the Somali language, with few instances of Arabic, and depicts the preparation for attack and the culminating operation against enemy forces. Also featured are figures from the Islamic Courts Union (ICU) in Somalia, such as Abu Qutayba AKA Abdullahi Maalim Ali, and Abu Mansuur, and pro-U.S. warlords branded as “criminals”, including Mohammed Qanyare Afrah and Bashiir Raage. Mujahideen are observed carrying the flag of the ICU. The propaganda film also shows the training of the fighters, glorification of the Emir of al-Qaeda, Usama bin Laden, and interviews with the Islamic poet, Abshir Bacadle, and a female Mujahida.
Another video making the rounds from the Badr Mujahideen Somalia shows similar stuff. But I do notice that a number of the mujahideen keep hiding their faces from the camera on that one. Oh, and they aren't black. Which is kinda strange in Somalia.......

UPDATE TOO By Vinnie: Another no connection between Somali Taliban and Al Qaeda update.
The suicide bombings are beginning.


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