November 29, 2006

How Angelina Jolie Won the GWOT: Jawa Report- 6 Mil. Visits, 10 Mil. Hits

Thanks to all our loyal readers who have made this website a success. We just passed the 6 million visits mark, which happend just about the same time that the 10 million hits mark was passed.


Irony? On a blog which specializes in the war on terror, our 6 millionth visitor comes from Saudi Arabia.


Bigger irony? Our Saudi Arabian friend came here on a image search for "sex good" and found this post: Angelina Jolie, Madonna, Share Lesbian Lover

Biggest irony? Our Saudi friend spent 2 minutes 35 seconds looking at these three pictures (below the fold, SFW--unless you work in the Vatican) along with a description which includes, "We pleasured each other into the early hours..."

Thank you to our one-handed surfer from Saudi Arabia for making it all worthwhile.

Friends, given enough time and more hot lesbian models coming forward with lurid stories of intimate encounters with Angelina Jolie---we will win the war on terror!

The Jawa Report, come for the lesbian Angelina Jolie, stay to learn how to fight the cyber jihad!

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