November 29, 2006

Captain Ed Takes on Newt

Ed Morrissey has a piece today going after Newt Gingrich. Apparently, Gingrich recently said:

Either before we lose a city or, if we are truly stupid, after we lose a city, we will adopt rules of engagement that use every technology we can find to break up their capacity to use the Internet, to break up their capacity to use free speech, and to go after people who want to kill us to stop them from recruiting people.
Morrissey's response (in part):
if Gingrich believes that we can win the war by silencing American citizens, then he is fighting the wrong war on behalf of the wrong principles. All he is doing is replacing one bogeyman (political corruption) for another (terrorism); in essence, he's no different from McCain.
Ouch, baby--VERY ouch...

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