November 27, 2006

Terrorists Launch Google Guide


Because you can't spell jihad without GOOGLE.

An organization calling itself 'The Jihad Media Battalion' (alt, brigade), which is linked to al Qaeda in Iraq, has produced a 26 page guide for using the Google search engine to further the goals of the global jihad. The group was formed to promote the dissemination of al Qaeda and other Salafist jihadi propaganda.

According to the authors of the guide, the purpose of learning how to properly use Google is to

remind our Muslim brothers in general, and the mujahideen in particular, the need to learn the arts of jihad on the internet and Jihad media
Why Google? The guide gives users the tools necessary to find information on the internet that will further the cause of the media jihad. Namely, how to search for information which will bolster the Islamist worldview that there is a war being waged by the U.S. against Islam, that atrocities are being committed by the West in this war, and that the mujahidin are winning this war.

Thus, the guide instructs users how to search through the cached pages of the pro-jihad al Jazeera website and the jihadi forums of al Hesbah.

Ironically, "photoshop tutorials" is used by The Jihad Media Battalion as an example of something a would be media jihadi might be interested in looking for on the internet. Which makes us wonder whether or not Adnan Hajj is a member of the battalion?

The jihadis understand that the most important battleground in this war is that of propaganda. Unfortunately, very few of our leaders understand this. Or, if they understand it, are unwilling to fight it.

Who are the Jihad Media Battalion? At one time the group called itself "al Qaeda's Jihad Media Battalion" and they have produced a number of pro-jihadi videos aimed at Western audiences. By "al Qaeda" they meant "al Qaeda in Iraq" since their number one star is the now deceased Abu Musab al Zarqawi.

Their goal is to influence Western perceptions of the war in Iraq and elsewhere. We know this because a good deal of their videos are released with English subtitles.

Circumstantial evidence also points to this 'brigade' being located in Scandanavia. Thus, one of al Qaeda in Iraq's media arms may actually be located in Northern Europe. Which also gives us pause to wonder if Maithem Abdul Razzaq might also be closer to The Hague than he is to Yarmouk, Iraq?

It is not clear whether they are officially part of the al Qaeda organization, or only composed of sympathizers wishing to further the jihadi goals. In either case, they clearly see themselves as part and parcel to the global jihad. They see propaganda as a tool of war, and themselves as warriors.

If they consider themselves combatants in the war on terror, why shouldn't we? If they consider propaganda a weapon, then why shouldn't we? And if they consider themselves soldiers wielding weapons, then why should we not treat them as such?

As a matter of practical policy, it would mean making those involved in the media jihad legitimate military targets. It would also mean treating third parties, such as websites, that distribute such propaganda as aiding and abedding terrorism. If unkowingly, then they should be forced to stop this distribution. If knowingly, then they should be prosecuted for facilitating terror.

Difficult? Yes. Especially when treated as a law enforcement issue. As a military matter of cyber war, fairly easy and quick.

But, when one website is shut down, another will pop up. I know this. But the same is true of terrorists. Killing or jailing one means two more will pop up somewhere else.

It's a lot easier to shut down a website than to kill or jail a terrorist. And the more difficult it is to distribute jihadi propaganda, the less likely it is that new recruits will be found.

Thanks to Tribeca who beat me (by that much) in finding the original file.

See also Curt's expose of the Maithem Abdul Razzaq's '6 Sunnis burned alive' affair, mentioned above, Patterico's debunking of an airstrike the Sunni jihadis have been calling a massacre (they've even begun killing people in 'revenge' for the massacre that wasn't) and Michelle Malkin's excellent post (and many good links) on how the media jihad distorts MSM reporting and affects domestic perceptions of the war on terror.

UPDATE and related: Anonymous residents in Sadr city claim US massacre, military says no one near the place. You. Be. The. Judge.

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