November 25, 2006

Palestinians Stuffing Toys With Explosives

Next up from the Palestinian freedom fighters, the toy we all wish we had as a kid: C-4 Play-Doh!

Palestinian terrorists are busy building stuffed-animal bombs, yet the international community continues to believe that Israel is a terrorist state? What a bizarro Orwellian world we live in. Black = white, war = peace, intentionally murdering civilians = the right of self determintation, killing terrorists = terrorism. Will the UN demand an investigation into Palestinian terrorists violating the Geneva Conventions? Right.


Overnight Friday, IDF troops and Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) operatives uncovered a number of baby dolls filled with explosive charges in addition to suicide bombing belts during an raid on an explosives laboratory in Nablus....

Among the materials seized in the raid were sacks ready to be filled with explosives, 40 liters of acid, and a variety of explosives-rigged stuffed animals. The lab was destroyed in a controlled explosion.

Hat tip: Israel Matzav.

In other let's give these people a state related news: Hamas threatens violence unless they get a state. Ironical.

Suicide granny said to have told grandkids: you'll shoot your eye out, kid.

Update by Howie: An IDF video of the discovery of a bomb hidden in a childs toy.

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