November 20, 2006

CNNJazeera Update

Via Gateway Pundit

CNN decided to revamp one of its hummers, "Warrior One", that CNN used to cover the War in Iraq. The TLC show "Overhaulin" did the work on the hummer by airbrushing scenes from the Iraq War on the side panels.

CNN will embark on a tour of the country with the Warrior One hummer before they auction it off in January.

Yeah and maybe CNNjazeera can get a better bid from Cindy Sheehan if they can prove that an actual enemy of Iraq and the United States rode in it.

But then again we know who’s army is foreign to CNNJazeera, ours. What I would like to see happen is some guy buy this thing and have it crushed.

Definition Mercenary: Using your giant news network to publish enemy propaganda for profit.

Of course CNN knows most people have not seen the entire video so they can claim it’s not enemy propaganda.

But I happen to have the first half of the original IAI terrorists Juba sniper video here. See for yourself. (Frame grabs below the fold).

So CNN chose to only play the “money shots”. No reference to the slick production complete with English subtitles. That’s because it’s directed at English speaking audiences. I’ve been holding back on uploading this until after the election. I mean I would not want to actually help the terrorists get this message out before the election like some people we all know.

Here’s another video from the Islamic Army in Iraq. Why don’t they(CNNJazeera) show you this one. No Americans dying maybe?

Note: available by download only. Only way I could get it to play. I don’t know why Google wants to semi reject my stuff. I mean, Google is the home of al-Qaeda’s new blog as well as the IAI’s Juba blogs.

Update I note the juba video post has been removed from the Juba Online blogspot blog.

Progress with Google? Or did IAI just move it because of our pestering?

My Samoan friend was watching Juba with me as I got some frame grabs. He has been in the lower 48 for quite a while. Still can't vote though. Why can't Samoans vote? Anyway he said to bomb them.







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