November 17, 2006

John Boehner and Roy Blunt Will Keep Their Jobs

The House Republicans voted this morning 168-27 to keep their current leader:

WASHINGTON Republicans Friday chose Rep. John Boehner as minority leader, succeeding Speaker Dennis Hastert in the top GOP leadership post for the Democratic-controlled House that convenes in January.

Boehner defeated Indiana conservative Mike Pence. The vote tally was 168-27 with one vote for Texas Rep. Joe Barton. Boehner's election cements the Ohio conservative's resurrection within GOP leadership ranks. His elevation to succeed Hastert, R-Ill., as the party's front line leader came despite unrest within the rank and file and a spirited campaign by Pence.

They also voted to keep Roy Blunt as GOP Whip:
Arizona GOP Rep. John Shadegg lost his bid to become the House's number 2 GOP leader Friday in a campaign in which he promised to return the party its "reform-minded principles."

In losing the House minority whip post, Shadegg was defeated by Rep. Roy Blunt, of Missouri, the current GOP whip.

Shadegg lost the election in a 137-57 vote conducted by Republicans in private balloting.

The House Dems had the good sense to snub Nancy Pelosi and elect Steny Hoyer over John Murtha as their House Leader. Score one for the Dems on strategy.

Our guys decided on business as usual in the House. Score two more for the Dems.

In other news, we just brought porkmaster Trent Lott back into the Senate GOP leadership. Lott's considered an effective organizer, but his face on TV will be a constant reminder of GOP business as usual. Advantage: Dems.

To cap it off, we just hired an inexperienced party chairman who'll be working part time. I'm willing to give Mel Martinez the benefit of the doubt for now, but given the Bush campaign's incredibly poor track record on choosing the right man for the job, coupled with his part-time status, the honeymoon will be short. The Harriet Miers of RNC Chairmen? Maybe not quite--but still not encouraging.

Some of you are confident the Dems will crater within the next two years.

From what I'm seeing so far, I wouldn't be counting on that. So far, we're getting out-played. This is not good.

UPDATE : Human Events has a round-up.

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