November 17, 2006

(Video) Exposed: The Extremist Muslim Agenda

glenn_beck_exposed_islam.jpgIf you didn't see Glenn Beck's important documentary on the radical Islamist agenda, you need to.

No, I take that back. It is your friends and family that are still in denial. They need to see this video.

Most of our readers already know about the Islamist agenda. If you have friends who are still in denial about the threat of political Islam, then why don't you do something useful with your e-mail contact list and send them a link to the video? It is a much more productive use of your contact list than, say, a forwarded letter promising doom if you break the chain.

See the Glenn Beck "Exposed" video here.

You might also want to listen to Glenn interview a member of the Islamic Thinker's Society of New York here. You might remember them from such classic's as 'Next time, we will get all of NYC' and 'Death to America!'

PS-Death to America!

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